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Cholesterol is a natural part of fats, flowing in our bloodstream, essential for our sustained life process. A normal level of Cholesterol helps in smooth functioning of body mechanism, whilst a higher concentration of this substance can be a real danger and cause of some serious heart problems. Higher concentration of cholesterol circulating in the blood causes sticky deposits in the artery walls, which blocks proper blood flow. This is a serious threat to our heart functioning and can go undetected as high cholesterol has no real symptoms. This stage is known as hypercholesterolemia in doctor terms.

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Cholesterol Control Supplements Alternatives:

To combat the high-stake consequences of Cholesterol like stroke, heart attack and more, people turn to their doctors to provide them with drug supplements known as statins, as well as turning to exercising and including healthier foods in their diet. Apart from statins, few other products have been proven to provide effective care for cholesterol care. But a complete care from all these alternatives and over-the-counter drugs is not fully guaranteed, so it is always advisable to include some natural, safe and healthy options.

Our team of experts has gone through a deep research and brings to you an advanced formula, a cholesterol-lowering supplements which has really become the a boon for many people, due to its effectiveness in keeping the cholesterol level in control.

What is Lowerol?

lowerol-medium-v2Lowerol is a new supplement formula, specifically developed from natural ingredients, highly effectual for maintaining and improving the cholesterol levels back to normal. The plant-based formula is developed from clinically proven ingredients tested for improving the cholesterol levels. The factor which sets it apart from synthetic and chemical statin drugs is that it is made from 100% natural ingredients and thus has no side effects, improving the overall blood circulation state in a healthier and safe manner.

This review lets us examine the product carefully and comprehensively, briefing about its ingredient mix and their health benefits, through our detailed Lowerol reviews.

How does the Lowerol cholesterol control supplement work?

Lowerrol is a capsule based formula, which works by lowering the bad cholesterol level (LDL) and improving the good cholesterol level (HDL). It takes advantage of unique beneficial characteristic of plant phytosterols, which works by blocking the absorption of cholesterol in the body. Medical studies have shown that the phytosterols are highly effective in lowering the bad cholesterol (LDL).


Lowerol ingredients and their medical characteristic:

Now, we take a look at each of the ingredient that combines to form this super formula:

  1. Red Yeast Rice (400 mg): FDA approved Red yeast rice has been in use for centuries, primarily in traditional Chinese medicines and food. The main ingredient of the red yeast rice Monacolins has been clinically proven to effectively reduce the bad cholesterol by 20%, naturally & safely without any side-effects. This is highly beneficial for those who experience muscle pains due to use of cholesterol drugs.
  2. Policosanol: Policosanol has also been approved by FDA, and is a natural compound, extracted from sugar cane. The main characteristic of Policosanol is that it breaks down and reduces the bad LDL cholesterol from the body cells in a highly effective manner, along with raising the HDL cholesterol level.

A comparison study between 10 mg Policosanol and 20 mg Lovastatin drug showed that after 8 weeks, people who were taking Policosanol had their bad cholesterol reduced by 24% and significant increase in good cholesterol level, whereas in case of Lovastatin the reduction of bad cholesterol was 22% and no significant good cholesterol improvement.

  1. Grape Seed Extract: Grapes have always been a powerful source of antioxidant. In cholesterol management, grape seed extract work highly effectively, proving to be an all-important anti-oxidant which works by delaying the LDL cholesterol oxidation and fortifying the heart and arteries. In fact doctors also recommend grape juice as a powerful natural cure for lowering the chance of heart disease. Improving the blood flow and stimulating the circulatory system, grape seed extracts have been proven to reduce LDL cholesterol by 27%.
  2. Coenzyme: One of the common and recommended ingredients for enhancing heart health, Coenzyme is used in many supplements and food products. It works by increasing the cholesterol flow back to the liver for breakdown & excretion, thus maintaining the normalcy of cholesterol level. It is highly effective in preventing clogged arteries, as well as protecting cells against harmful free radicals which may cause heart disease.

Why Lowerol is the best product for cholesterol management than any other alternative?

Some Cholesterol lowering drugs which are not 100% natural, and thus can produce side-effects such as muscle pain. Thus switching to a more natural alternative can be highly beneficial for anyone looking for a proactive answer to their cholesterol reducing efforts.

Lowerol supplement for cholesterol is a 100% natural product which, effectively and safely, lowers the bad cholesterol and raises the good cholesterol.

Some high-end beneficial factors which contribute to Lowerol being the best cholesterol control alternative are stated below:

  • It helps in proper maintenance of cholesterol level, reducing the LDL and raising the HDL.
  • Eliminate chance of heart disease, and stroke chance completely with Lowerol.
  • Made form clinically approved 100% natural ingredients.
  • No side-effects.
  • Completely appropriate for vegetarians: Unlike various drugs, Lowerol is developed from natural ingredients and thus is purely apt for them.
  • Ships worldwide.

Apart from unhealthy eating habits, and no-exercise routine (which are highly argued to be the causing factors for cholesterol related heart disease), there are other concerns which can hamper the normalcy of cholesterol level, even if you have a healthy diet regime, like age, family history, genetics, underlying health problems. Thus adding on a natural supplement that contributes to keeping the cholesterol level normal, can be a big factor for healthy heart, life and wellness.

How to use Lowerol?

Lowerol can start to show its positive effects within a period of 30 days, with continuous use. It is a capsule based supplement, which has to be taken thrice daily for lowering the cholesterol level, one capsule per time with water. If you are just looking to maintain your cholesterol level, take 1 capsule daily.

Who produces Lowerol?
Napier is the medicine company, which produces and manufactures Lowerol. It is one of the leading and oldest natural healthcare and medicine company in Britain.

Where to buy cholesterol lowering supplement from?

As Lowerol is shipped worldwide, buying it online is the most convenient and safe option for you. If you think that this is the cholesterol lowering supplement you have been looking for quite a while which can help you deal with your cholesterol issue, then we recommend you buy it from the official site. We will suggest that you buy it in bulk to avail heavy discount.

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  1. My Cholesterol Level was being so bad regularly. I’m very frighten about this last six month and taken more type of drugs to reduce it. One day I searched lowerol supplement reviews on google.com then find Lowerol Supplement for reduce High level Cholesterol Quickly post then decide to purchase this product and its nature ingredient so effectual for me now my cholesterol level in control and feel good now.

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